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Medina Hawk’s Story

SVT Survivor, Age 46, Muncie, IN

Gives and receives support


Medina's Story

Two days before Christmas 2007, I awoke with a terrible pain in my right shoulder/neck.  Thinking it was a pinched nerve, I treated with heat/ice packs, muscle relaxers and Tylenol.   By January 8, 2008, I was in the hospital undergoing every test imaginable.  During my stress test, my numbers were off the charts.  Told to stop, next I knew I was on the gurney surrounded by 15-20 medical professionals.  They had to shock my heart twice, and it hurt worse than anything.  The next morning they performed a left heart cath.  I had a SVT with LBBB.  18 months later, I ended up in the hospital again, where I was told I had the widow maker and was going to die without emergency open heart surgery,  On February 18, 2010, doctors performed a CABG.  I had the widow maker.  I now am 45 years old, with a 7 year old daughter, and two grown sons.  I have gone from an active participant in their lives, to an observer.  The fatigue and loss of energy is the most difficult to deal with.  My stamina is nearly 0.  I now find myself uninsured, unable to afford my medications, and my cardiologist retired 15 months ago.

Give and Receive support from Medina

Medina is interested in giving and receiving support from other women with heart disease. Contact her if you'd like to give and receive support.


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