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Cardiac Arrest Survivor, Age 62, Searcy, AR

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Carol' Story

Jan, 18 2013, I will never forget that date. That’s when I was brought down, that’s the day I was rushed from work in an ambulance to the hospital. That’s the day they told me I’d been having small heart attacks all week and that I was so lucky to still be here. The Saturday before the 18th, I had been having sharp pains between my breast that went back to the middle of my back and spread across my shoulder blades. I went to the doctor and he said I had purlisey, so I went all week having these spells at least 2Xs a day, and they got stronger with each passing day. At the end, the pain would make me cry and the night before the big one, the pain shot down my arm. I remember thinking, if the doctor hadn’t told me this was purlisey, I’d swear I was having a heart attack!! So, I just toughed it out, went to sleep. The next day, I started not to go to work, cause I was still not feeling very well, but it was a Friday and I thought, “well, I toughed it out this long, just go on to work, and I will have the weekend to get better!” Around 8:30am, I started feeling funny in the head, like I was going to blackout from the pain. Well, I did blackout and they called an ambulance and I was admitted to the hospital for a heart attack. Its real funny, I was very calm thru it all, like I was shocked that ME of all people was in here for a heart attack, my husband I expected, but not ME!! At times I was scared, but other times I kept so calm, afraid that if I didn’t I would have another one. To this day, I try to stay calm, cause of this reason and sometimes I get scared when I have a pain in my chest or if I don’t feel good. I am by myself alot and that concerns me when I don’t feel good, etc. I am trying to get a lot of stress out of my life now and TRYing to eat better, along with exercise. I read alot about this, to educate myself better, so as to take care of myself better. I am so thankful to still be here with my family and my dog.♥ ♥ ♥

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