Sharon Brown’s Story

irving, TX

Sharon's Story

On a beautiful Monday morning in June 21, 1999 in Shreveport, Louisiana my mother was on the phone talking to my grandmother. She always talked to her everyday before going to work.She went to work and worked until about 3 pm or 3:30 pm that day. She caught the bus that would take her to the bus terminal where she would catch her final bus to go home. She sat on the bench waiting for her final bus to go home and she appeared to be sleeping but two young ladies noticed her and felt like something was wrong other than her being sleep. One of the young ladies stayed with her while the other went for help. But no one at the bus terminal would assist them, so they called 911. Paramedics arrived to work on my mom, they transported her to the hospital where they continued to work on her but they were not able to save her. I think she was already dead at that bus terminal, so she never caught her final bus to go home. She had a heart attack at that very place and went on to be with God.

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