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Advice on How to De-Stress (Video)


by Nora Bass

From the red carpet at the 2013 Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards, celebrities, health experts and American Heart Association leaders share how they de-stress.

The American Heart Association explains that chronic stress that causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure may damage the artery walls. Ways of coping with stress are important for living a heart-healthy lifestyle.

American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown says she de-stresses by exercising, reading, and taking time for herself.

Regan Judd, AHA National Volunteer and Heart Disease Survivor, also says she loves working out to reduce stress.

Christine C. Quinn, New York City Council Speaker, and a self-described “TV-aholic,” says she relaxes by watching TV.

Patti Stanger, star and executive producer of Bravo’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” meditates, is trying yoga and enjoys a good massage to de-stress.

Marilu Henner, actress, New York Times best-selling author and health advocate shared that after her father died of a heart attack at 52 years old, she knew she had to “change her life.”

Watch the video to get more tips on how you can de-stress.