Jennie Garth on Heart Disease & Healthy Foods


In the January 2013 issue of Health Magazine, actress Jennie Garth shares her top tips for staying healthy. A previous Go Red for Women spokesperson, Jennie spoke  about the experience of dealing with her father’s heart disease and later finding out that she, too, had a condition.

When I turned 30, I found a wonderful cardiologist and committed to going every year for a checkup even though I was convinced I’d be the exception to the family gene pool. Instead, I found out that I had a leaky heart valve. It’s not a serious condition, but it reminds me how important it is to stay in tune with my body.

Most women don’t know that the heart is a very forgiving organ. Even if you have abused it by smoking, eating badly or lack of exercise, you can start right now to repair it by simply making the right choices. Just keep re-committing to a healthy life every morning and every moment.

Even though my father lost his battle, he is still an inspiration to me along with my beautiful girls…There’s nothing like a family of women who rally together in support of one another. Together, we truly can prevent heart disease—and I’m living proof.

In Health Magazine, Jennie offers the following three tips for eating healthy foods:

  1. Sneaky swap I love: Fage yogurt for sour cream or mayo. “I make this chicken dish that you’re supposed to coat in mayonnaise, but I use Fage. My kids didn’t even know!”
  2. My 173-calorie breakfast: Greek yogurt + slivered almonds or whole oats
    “I throw some slivered almonds in it or some whole, raw oats—straight out of the box—and just grab a spoon and eat it on the way driving my girls to school.”
  3. My two-step dinner: Salmon with balsamic onions
    “I love making salmon with balsamic onions. There’s something so tangy and sweet about it.” Step 1: Season salmon with salt and pepper, and broil in the oven. Step 2: Slice up red onions; sauté in coconut or almond oil and balsamic vinegar until reduced to sauce. Top the salmon with it.

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