AHA's Food System Strategy

A systems approach is needed to help ensure sustainable nutrition security for everyone. At the American Heart Association, we take systems change seriously. We’re working to inspire companies across the food system to use innovation for changes that add up to more nutritious, accessible and affordable options. Exciting change is already happening, but there is more work to be done. Here are some of the ways we’re supporting food system transformation.

Listen to a message from American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown about foodscape innovation.
At the American Heart Association, we take systems change seriously.

AHA Science Advisory on Food System Innovation

This science advisory describes innovations needed to create a healthier, sustainable food system and examines evidence for the associations between innovative approaches and health improvements.

Innovation to Create a Healthy and Sustainable Food System

Foodscape Innovation Awards

We publicly recognize leading-edge innovation efforts to accelerate healthy change across the food system with our Awards program.

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Industry Nutrition Forum

The Industry Nutrition Forum connects stakeholders from the food and beverage landscape with the American Heart Association’s science, policy and programs. Together we work to accelerate making food more nourishing and making healthier foods and beverages accessible to everyone.

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Foodscape Innovation Summit

We convene an annual Foodscape Innovation Summit with food system thought leaders in business, government, academia, and public health. Together, we seek common ground and explore ways to leverage resources towards win-win opportunities for people and planet.

Sound Science to Benefit Public Health

This white paper summarizes two multi-stakeholder expert panel discussions about how to strengthen the rigor and integrity of industry-funded nutrition research.

Sound Science to Benefit Public Health