Stepping Stones for Food System Transformation

Stepping Stones for Food System Transformation

The American Heart Association Industry Nutrition Forum (INF) collaboratively examines food system challenges related to nutrition security, prioritizes those for which INF members and the AHA have complementary strengths to leverage, and advances stakeholder action.

Progressive dialogue, action and impact over time are stepping stones toward a food ecosystem that prioritizes health, equity and sustainability.

A flow chart showing the Food System Transformation process timeline. Described under the heading of process timeline.


  1. Examine food system challenges
  2. Leverage complementary strengths
  3. Advance stakeholder action

Issue Brief on Affordable Nutrition

American Heart Association Issue Brief: Affordable Nutrition

This Issue Brief on Affordable Nutrition synthesizes perspectives and evidence from peer-reviewed, published research, authoritative websites, and dialogue at the Affordable Nutrition Roundtable, convened by the AHA on June 8, 2022.

The roundtable sought to clarify the language used to describe intersecting concepts regarding the nutritional quality, affordability and noneconomic costs of healthy foods and diets; examine different perspectives and the scientific and experiential evidence for different approaches to ensuring equitable access to affordable nutrition; discover data, insights, and actions or innovations needed by or among different sectors to advance effective solutions; and identify thought leaders and organizations as potential partners and resources for future action.

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