Menopause and Women's Health

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Menopause — the time in women's lives when menstruation ceases — is a normal phase of a woman’s life for most women in their 40s and 50s.

Going through menopause does not cause cardiovascular disease. But the approach of menopause marks a point in midlife when women's cardiovascular risk factors can accelerate and focusing on overall health is crucial.

Prioritizing your health is important before and after menopause.

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middle-aged doctor counsels patient
happy middle aged woman talking outdoors in sunlight

What is menopause?

Menopause does not happen all at once. Learn about the stages of menopause, its symptoms and impact on your health.
middle-aged doctor counsels patient

Does menopause increase heart disease or stroke  risk?

A woman’s risk for heart disease and stroke increases at and around menopause. Learn more about menopause’s impact on heart health.

Estrogen, Hormone Therapy and Menopause

Throughout a woman’s life, estrogen levels will rise and fall. For example, estrogen levels are higher during puberty and pregnancy and lower following childbirth, during breastfeeding and after menopause.

Here's information on estrogen and hormone therapy for every woman to discuss with her health care team.

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Your Health and Menopause

Good Health Before Menopause

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The years leading up to menopause as a critical time to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Healthy habits adopted before menopause can help reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease for the rest of your life.

Early Menopause and Your Health

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Women who experience menopause at an earlier age have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

Could a stroke, heart attack or other cardiovascular event in young women contribute to early menopause?

Heart Health After Menopause

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After menopause, a woman’s cardiovascular risk is higher than it was in their pre-menopausal years.

Understand how menopause can impact your health.

Menopause and Heart Health Infographic

Menopause and Women's Health Infographic

All you need to know about menopause in one infographic to share or download and print.