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March is National Nutrition Month! Whether it’s adding more color to your meals, making a healthy swap, or skipping the salt, a nutritious diet can help lower your risk for heart disease and stroke.

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Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer of women

Since 2004, the American Heart Association’s signature women's initiative, Go Red for Women, has addressed the awareness and clinical care gaps of women’s greatest health threat, cardiovascular disease (CVD). We are prepared to meet the evolving needs of women now, and at every age, every stage and every season of their lives as their trusted, relevant source for credible, equitable health solutions.

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Nearly 45% of women ages 20+ are living with some form of cardiovascular disease.

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Less than half of women entering pregnancy in the U.S. have optimal cardiovascular health.

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Women experience unique life stages, such as pregnancy and menopause, that can put them at an increased risk for CVD.

What’s Happening Now

Survivor Story: Stephanie Bowden

2024 Class of Survivors Stephanie Bowden

Born with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Stephanie Bowden had open heart surgery at age 14. As an adult she was also diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Today, she manages her heart conditions and works in research at the hospital where her life was saved supporting scientists seeking answers for heart disease.

Healthy Sleep During Pregnancy Is Good for Mom (and Baby)

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It’s crucial for women to sleep well during pregnancy — but it's normal to face obstacles to getting enough zzz’s. Studies show too little or too much sleep is also associated with heart disease. We have tips to help mom and baby catch some quality shut-eye.

Try our Yummy Black Bean Chilaquiles

Indulge in Black Bean Chilaquiles – a burst of flavors that excite your taste buds and nurture your heart with wholesome goodness. A trendy and heart-healthy delight to keep you feeling young at heart.

Supporting Women at Every Age and Stage of Life

Mom Life

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Moms, grandmothers, aunts and other maternal figures do so much for their families. But this can mean taking care of their health sometimes comes last.

Pregnancy and Maternal Health

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Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of new moms. It can pose a threat to women’s heart health during pregnancy and later in life.


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Prioritizing your health is important before and after menopause. Learn about menopause, its symptoms and impact on your health.

Research Goes Red

Go Red for Women and Verily’s Project Baseline have joined forces to launch Research Goes Red, an initiative calling on women across the United States to contribute to health research.

Learn about Research Goes Red

Go Red For Women has all kinds of ways to get involved and use your talents.

You’ll be fighting for yourself, for those you love, and for women all over the world. You’ll make lifelong friends, and more importantly, you’ll make a difference!

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You want to learn about signs, symptoms and risk factors?

If you or a love one have been diagnosed or you are a caregiver for someone with a cardiovascular condition, all the information out there can be overwhelming.

Take your time reading through our information and be sure not to overwhelm yourself. We're here for you.

High Blood Pressure in Women
Heart Attack Symptoms in Women
Stroke Symptoms in Women

You can join Research Goes Red!

The AHA’s Go Red for Women® movement and Verily’s Project Baseline have joined forces to launch Research Goes Red and are calling on women across the United States to contribute to health research.

By joining Research Goes Red, you can:

  • Contribute through clinical research, surveys, focus groups
  • Only participate in the studies that you're interested in, no obligation
  • Help shape the future of disease management and care
  • Learn about your own health while helping improve health for all
  • And more

Research Goes Red

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Go Red for Each Other: Stories of Survival


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