Woman’s Day for Latinas Focus on Heart Health


By Susan Spencer, Editor-in-Chief, Woman’s Day

A New Venture from the Heart

In November, Woman’s Day launched an exciting new spinoff—Woman’s Day for Latinas. Woman’s Day has always been a magazine that speaks to all women, but we also wanted to engage this important part of our readership in a way that’s personal and culturally relevant.

In the debut issue we covered topics that Latinas care deeply about, including family and food. We also put a special focus on heart health. Why? Because heart disease has had a serious impact on the Latino community. Close to 70% of Latinas have at least one risk factor for heart disease—and, together with stroke, heart disease accounts for a third of all deaths among Latinas. Our first issue featured a story on five ways to boost heart health as well as a profile of Erika Perez, an inspiring AHA Go Red For Women volunteer who suffered a heart attack at the age of 37 (check out both stories here). We hope that her incredible story of survival will help Latinas recognize the early signs of a heart attack and motivate them to take charge of their heart health.

Woman’s Day was the first major women’s magazine to champion heart health awareness and it was important to us to carry this part of our mission to the new magazine. We’re planning to continue our heart health coverage in upcoming issues of Woman’s Day for Latinas. Our message: Heart disease is largely preventable, and we want to give all women the tools and information they need to save their own lives.

Read Erika Perez‘s full story of heart disease and survival on Go Red For Women.