The Benefits of Physical Activity


No time for exercise? Fitness isn’t your thing? No matter your excuse, it’s important to make time to be active. Your heart depends on it.

New research from the American Heart Association’s journal, Circulation, shows that you can lower your risk of heart disease by using even a small amount of time on simple, low-impact physical activity. Researchers also found that over the course of a decade, middle-aged adults who regularly used their leisure time to get active showed lower levels of inflammation of the arteries. And people with lower markers for inflammation usually enjoy a lowered risk of heart disease.

Not sure how to start a new exercise regime? Remember, there’s no need to join a gym or buy expensive at-home exercise equipment. Just start walking! It’s free, simple, social and walking programs boast consistently high success rates.

Check out the AHA’s Start Walking program for expert advice, or even join a walking club. A walking buddy can help keep you accountable to your personal goals, while keeping your routine enjoyable.