Healthy Cooking Tips

Did you know that you can be a meat and potatoes kind of gal and still eat heart healthy? Well, you can. It simply comes down to making smart substitutions and adjusting the traditional ways dishes are prepared. We’ve even got you covered when it comes to cooking cuisines from various cultures.

As a Latina woman, family and cooking are very dear to survivor Maricela Wilson. After revamping some tried and true family recipes, a heart healthy lifestyle became the heart and soul of her entire family. And she didn’t have to give anything up in the process. When cooking her famous tamales, for example, Maricela now uses beans or chicken instead of pork or cooking with lard. And believe it or not, the consensus is that they even taste better.

It’s easy tips like these that you’ll pick up in this section. We’ll even show you how to stock your pantry, teach you a few tricks for trips down the grocery aisles, and how switching up your preparation methods will leave fewer greasy fingers and much healthier, happier hearts.