Snacks and Eating on the Go

As much as you may love almonds and berries, when you’re craving a snack those things rarely scratch the itch. Instead, it’s the salty bites, sugary drinks and decadent baked goods that you crave. That’s because when you’re reaching for a snack, you’re often in rush to get somewhere, under pressure to meet a deadline at work or simply want something to munch on. What you’re looking for is instant satisfaction, as opposed to focusing on your heart health. The same is true when dinning out.

But while your head is saying, “Yum, potato chips,” or your mouth waters at the thought of the amazing steak at your neighborhood bistro, your heart is begging you to say no. And you should listen. This doesn’t mean, however, that your taste buds should suffer in the process. In this section we’ll show you how minor adjustments can make all the difference when it comes to heart health. Think you can’t deconstruct a restaurant menu? Think again. What about learning simple substitutions to your favorite snacks without sacrificing flavor? Trust us, it’s possible. We’ll even show you how to indulge at fast food joints – but with a lot less guilt.