Participate In a Go Red Event Near You


Want to stop heart disease in women? We want that, too. And your support will help us.

When you’re ready to get involved, there are many Go Red events that you can participate in, or initiate on your own. Here are just a few of them.

Lunch and learn

Go Red Luncheons are wonderful social events where women dedicated to making an impact in their community come together to raise awareness, educate and fundraise. Contact your local office to find out how you can participate. To find a luncheon in your community, visit our Meetup page.

Take a spiritual route

As you know, heart disease is an equal opportunity killer and doesn’t discriminate against your age, or faith. If you’re a member of a faith-based organization, consider working with leaders to create educational workshops, speaking events and other gatherings. For helpful resources, download our toolkit.

Get social in your community

Meetups are a great way to gather like-minded individuals toward a common cause or interest. And many people have expanded their social networks and made new friends through them. If you haven’t already, join a Meetup group. If there isn’t one near you, feel free to start your own! Either way, you’ll allow others to find you and join you in the fight against heart disease.