A Message from CEO Nancy Brown

In Collaboration with Health eHeart

A Message from CEO Nancy Brown

Nancy Brown

I want to tell you about a unique opportunity to take part in an innovative study that has the potential to transform our ability to treat and understand heart disease: The Health eHeart Study

It’s time we applied the power of technology and big data to develop new strategies for improving cardiovascular health.

It’s time we learned why some women are more at risk for heart disease than others, and how we can help prevent it from happening to you or a loved one.

It’s time to make a difference by participating in a groundbreaking study that is totally free.

All it takes is a little bit of your time. Yes, I’m In

You’ll be asked to take an “E-Visit” (think of it as a Doctor Visit, but it is online, 100% secure, anonymous and totally FREE).

We are asking you to volunteer a little bit of your time and information:

  • 1) Answer the study’s health-related questions, which you can do in increments of 5 minutes or more. You can do all at one sitting – if you have your cholesterol and blood pressure numbers ready.
  • 2) Check in regularly throughout the year on your secure page. You can even share your page with your physician to track your own health.
  • 3) Let us know which sub-studies and special invitations you want to accept and participate in. Often there are free Apps and Digital Tools to measure your heart rate, cholesterol and blood pressure!

Take the survey online or on your smartphone! It’s that convenient!

Each survey takes less than 5 minutes. Your answers will provide valuable data to help the study’s creators, from the University of California, San Francisco Campus, and the AHA learn more about the prevention and treatment of heart disease.

Why do we need you to be part of this study? Life is Why.

Watch our Life is Why message and thank you for participating.

Nancy Brown
CEO, American Heart Association

Nancy Brown Signature

Heart Disease is not a challenge for the future.
It is a challenge we face now!

Take part in this groundbreaking, free research study.

Research is essential to helping people improve their health, and experience more of the special moments that give our lives meaning. The knowledge gained from the Health eHeart Study will make a critical difference, and that’s why your participation is so important to us.

Yes, I’m In

Big Data.

With access to millions of individuals sharing their heart health history, lifestyle, eating habits and exercise patterns on a daily basis, we will be able to apply on an anonymous, confidential basis this big pool of data to develop new strategies to prevent and treat heart disease. That’s why your participation in this study is so important.

Yes, I’m In

What can one woman do?

As a valued participant, your participation in the Health eHeart Study will help doctors, nurses, researchers and others in the medical community learn more than ever before about what causes heart disease and also how to predict it, prevent it, and treat it.

That’s what one woman can do!

Yes, I’m In

Go Red needs you! Your loved ones need you!

Better information is the key to better health. The purpose of the Health eHeart Study: to capture millions of pieces of information (privately and without any personal identification) to develop the knowledge needed to help those who face the devastating impact of heart disease. Think of the tremendous advances that have been made in cardiovascular science since the Framingham Heart Study was launched in 1948. Now think of the many ways that your participation in this technologically-advanced study will advance cardiovascular health for generations to come.

Thank you.

Yes, I’m In

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Want to share any feedback or questions? Reach out to: coordinator@health-eheartstudy.org