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In addition to the Go Red For Women corporate and cause sponsors, there are a number of national associations and organizations that share the same priorities about women and heart disease as Go Red For Women. To learn more about these other organizations interested in fighting heart disease among women, please visit their Web sites linked below.


  • Faibein Peyton Faibein

    I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and health & wellness advocate for my community. Myself and the members of my community fitness center (Prince Georges’s Sports and Learning Complex in Landover, MD) all share the same lifestyle, attitude and vision for better health at any size and on any level. We support going red!

  • Joy Unegbu Joy

    The Nigerian heart foundation is planning a go red event in 2015 after launching it for the first time in Lagos, 2010. I would love to receive your updates and newsletters as this will help us to plan.