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If you have any questions, or just want to say ”hi,” we’d love to hear from you. The people listed below can help you with almost any question you may have.

Please contact your American Heart Association area office if you would like to get involved with Go Red For Women locally, including our Go Red Luncheons, corporate sponsorships and fundraising, to use our logo or to become a speaker.

Or contact the American Heart Association directly for other inquiries.

Because we receive many emails and calls from people like you who want to support us,  please allow us about 48 hours to respond to you. Thanks for your understanding. And thank you for your interest in the Go Red For Women movement.

General Go Red For Women Comments or Questions

Website Issues or Comments

Local Media and Public Relations Questions
For local media inquires, please ask for the Communications Manager in your local AHA office.

National Media and Public Relations Questions
Leslie Holland, Communications Manager, 214.706.1438
Katie Brooks, Associate Communications Manager, 214.706.1857

Local and National Sponsorship
Scott Murphy, Manager, National Accounts and Cultivation 214.706.1660

Fundraising (by individuals)
Please visit our page that explains how you can support Go Red with your fund-raising efforts.

Non-Profit Alliances
Rosemary Rasmussen, Sr. Marketing Manager, Account Relations 214.706.1621


  • Sheri Camarda

    I am looking for someone who had an aorta dissection. There is no drop-downs for that and not sure what the other symptoms are. This is all new to me. Also, I signed up a couple of days ago. How do I know if the admin. has looked over my story and has added me. Very happy to be here – in every area!!! GBY all. Sheri

  • Margo Shaw

    Hi My name is Margo Shaw. I just wrote and posted my story…but I need you to change something, if you could. I have CAD (coronary artery disease, clogging of the arteries) NOT …Congential Heart Disease. Thanks so much :). I am also from Canada and would like to receive a pin, but not allowed to put address in….

    • Margo Shaw

      I figured out how to fix my problem…sorry for any inconvenience…

  • Margo Shaw

    I am from Canada…..Am I not allowed to post my story on here ??? It won’t allow my address :(




    I wanted to reply to Edie about the good fat/bad fat article but could not log in there. Edie, you are so right. Butter and coconut oil, especially, has now been found to be so healthy. The article states that the oils mentioned as good do not raise your HDL (good fat), therefore are good for you………… What? You want your HDL to be raised………. Someone, please, proofread your information and read the scientific proof about the oils…………. Many women believe what you are saying.

  • Traci DeLong

    Tried to order several things, like the earrings, etc. and when I went to check out it said shipping was going to be $62.03. It’s jewelry so I doubt that is correct. Also right after I had my massive heart attack I signed in and I ordered the pin. I was so sad and got excited that I could proudly wear it, but I never received it.


    Huge fan of Red dress for women and men. Live the pendant also. We should know where our heart stands.. in my opinion…. knowledge is a stroke free lifestyle my friends.

  • Chell Mullis Chell

    I work at a large radiology facility, we have 4 outpatient centers and I would like to put up red dress signs and have marketing supplies to hand out. We do calcium scoring exams and have a special Jan through March. How can I get these supplies?