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Donate to Go Red For Women

We couldn’t have made such an impact without the generous donations from individuals like you. Here’s what you’ve helped us accomplish in the past 10 years:

  • More than 627,000 women have been saved from heart disease, and 330 fewer women are dying each day.
  • Women’s guidelines, created by the American Heart Association, have educated millions of healthcare providers to recognize and treat heart disease in women.
  • The number of women aware of their No. 1 killer has jumped from 22 percent to well over 50 percent.

Help us keep going for another 10 years. Here’s how you can donate:

  • Join our Circle of Red. Fight heart disease with likeminded women. Women in the Circle of Red contribute significant resources and influence to fund lifesaving research, education and advocacy for heart health on a local and national level. For more information, contact your local American Heart Association office.
  • Fundraise for National Wear Red Day®. Create a fundraising page and use our fundraising materials to help create awareness. Use these tools and resources to help organize and promote your fundraising event, or get together and educate colleagues, friends and family.
  • Donate in honor of a loved one. Create a page in honor or memory of a loved one. A memorial page can be a great way to remember and share her/his legacy.
  • Plan a gift. Make a contribution from your estate or assets through a will or trust rather than your income. You get the tax break now, and Go Red For Women benefits later.


  • bridget tesnear

    I have lost several loved ones to heart disease, I also have heart disease, and truly understand the need for people to make donations. I just took part in a Trail Blaze Challenge for Make-A-Wish. We hiked 28.3 miles on the Appalachian Foothills Trail.I have talked to a few people that took part in a heart walk. Is there anything thats a little more challenging that is a fundraiser? I’m looking for my next challenge,
    Bridget Tesnear

  • Stephanie Writeaboutit Storey Stephanie

    I would like to create handmade cards to donate to your organization for patients living with heart disease. My aunt was a recipient of a heart and I would like my handcrafting gifts to give back.

    Please contact me with further information as to where to submit cards?

    Thank you!
    Stephanie Storey

  • Marie-Celine Murawski Marie-Celine

    I have started a personal fundraiser with the assistance of my company, Jamberry. Jamberry has created a special wrap just for Heart Health Awareness. For each wrap sold, Jamberry will donate $2 to AHA. I plan to DOUBLE that for every Heart Health Awareness sold today! I will make an additional $2 donation per wrap sold. Please consider supporting my fundraising efforts and make a purchase at:

  • Aimee

    I’m currently dealing with Heart Disease (Congestive Heart Failure) and want to help other heart disease patients like myself. I began thinking how can I help? How can I make a difference? I decide since I do not see a lot of direct help for heart disease patients. I want put together something to assist and help us. This year July 28th , I will be partnering up with the American Heart Association for a Heart Disease Charity Motorcycle Ride in the Northern Virginia area with proceeds going to American Heart Association. My personal goal with the ride is;
    • To bring awareness to Heart Disease to the Community
    • Get our community to come together and assist our heart patients
    • Get the heart disease patients help and assistance towards transportation for doctor and other day to day appointments, Health Food Samples with the local cardiologist office’s treating patients, Monthly support group meetings, finance resources and disability filing assistance with social security.

    The other way, I’m going to assist is I’m currently working on my book about my personal experience with Heart Disease with a portion of the proceeds going to the American Heart Association.

    If anyone is interested in being part of the motorcycle ride or would like to be a guest speaker at the ride to tell their story, please contact me or if your interested in getting a copy of the book once it is published reach out.

    Thank You,

    Aimee Rodriguez-Zepeda