Crystal Wall: “Best Self Challenge”


Hi, Go Red readers! I am Crystal Wall, wife of Houston rapper Paul Wall, mom of two amazing individuals, foodie to the core and a Feel Rich and Go Red Health and Wellness “representa!”

Have you ever truly imagined what the “best you” looks like? The great effort it would take to really achieve that goal? The sincere awareness of what you’re putting into your body and the determination to become and stay active?

More than any of that, have you thought about how great you would feel after accomplishing such a feat? What it would be like to fit back into those old jeans and that tight cocktail dress? Take heart! Committing to make one step every day to reach your health goals will prove to be more effective than you would imagine.

I challenged my Zumba class ladies to a 45-day “Best Self Challenge” and the results were astonishing!

The Challenge: Eat Healthy, Work Out

The challenge was inspired during a healthy living discussion with some of my Zumba ladies after a class. Many of the women had struggled with weight issues all of their lives. I was moved by the difficulty for women to live healthy when we love unhealthy foods and because we often “celebrate” with these foods. I wanted to challenge women to be their “best self” and celebrate their health instead!

I issued a meal plan with points for drinking water, eating healthy and engaging in physical activities. Although better health is the ultimate reward of the challenge, I offered a makeover and spa day for the woman with most points earned! There was a fun, competitive spirit with the challenge, but the spirit of sisterhood and encouragement surpassed any feeling of being in a competition. All of the 25 ladies were motivated as they joined together to work toward the same goal of getting fit!

The Result: Healthier, Happier Women

What I noticed was a shift in consciousness around appreciating oneself and a belief that we as women can do anything we set our mind to do. That unity helped produce a total weight loss of over 100 pounds. The winner lost 20 pounds, resulting in a decrease of her need for her daily medication for hypothyroidism. After the competition, I noticed my Zumba ladies were overall happier and healthier.

So now, I’m challenging you, Go Red readers, to find your “best self” through exercise, eating healthy and making small steps every day. Take that leap and shape yourself (mind, body, and spirit) into your best possible self!