7 Sodium Myths and Facts


by the Go Red For Women Editors

Did you know some sodium is essential to your diet? Learn these sodium myths and facts to help you eat heart-healthy every day.

Myth: Eliminate sodium completely for good health.
Fact: Some sodium is essential to your diet.

Myth: Sea salt has less sodium than table salt.
Fact: Just like table salt, sea salt contains about 40% sodium.

Myth: If I don’t put salt on my food, I’m not consuming much sodium.
Fact: More than 75% of the sodium Americans consume comes from processed foods.

Myth: High levels of sodium are only found in food.
Fact: Some over-the-counter medications contain high levels of sodium.

Myth: Lower sodium foods have no taste.
Fact: There are numerous alternatives to salt to enhance the flavor of your food.

Myth: My blood pressure is normal, so I don’t need to worry about how much sodium I consume.
Fact: Even for people who don’t have high blood pressure, less sodium can significantly reduce the rise in blood pressure that occurs as we age.

Myth: I don’t eat a lot of salty foods, so I don’t eat much sodium.
Fact: Watch out for additional sodium in poultry, cheese and bread.

Check out the infographic “7 Sodium Myths” and learn more ways to change your salty ways on Go Red For Women.


  • phyllis Morris

    That is great information. I had no idea but salt seems to be every where. I do not understand though why people can eat sea salt I was taught that the sea water can kill we were not to drink it, is stranded in a boat. … we live and learn.

  • Lorrie Roth Lorrie

    My understanding was not that sea salt had less sodium in it. But rather that sea salt is “saltier” tasting than table salt, so you need to use less to get an equivalent taste; thus lowering your sea salt/sodium intake all together. As my Mother used to say “A little goes a long way”.