Danielle Cipres: Multicultural Scholar


Danielle Cipres, Inspired by Her Family, Seeks a Career as a Physician to Help Underserved in the Hispanic Community

Experiencing the challenges that Hispanics in the United States face to provide for their families, and her family’s motivation to achieving success despite obstacles, has influenced Danielle Cipres to become a physician.

Cipres was inspired by her great-grandfather’s determination to succeed as he migrated to the United States from México to later become an owner of three acres worth of orchards, allowing him to grant work to other immigrant on his land.

Just like her grandfather shared his success and with others, as a student health advocate, Cipres shares her knowledge with others to motivate them to live a healthy life.

“My interest in health education has led me to always desire to lean more, so I may pass on my knowledge to benefit family and friends,” she says.

Cipres is now a first-year obstetrics and gynecology student, at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine.  Her goal is to accomplish an education which will allow her to become a long-term influencer with her patients to collaborate in improving their health.

The Latino community is a large focus of Cipres’s efforts.  She is an active member of the Latino Medical Student Association and works in pairing medical student mentors with pre-medical Latino students.  She also volunteers at a community clinic that serves Hispanics from the Mission District in San Francisco.  Cipres also volunteered in a week-long medical program in the Dominican Republic, which helped her gain insight into cultural sensitivity.