Encourage friends to get a Well-Woman Visit.


You know the benefits of getting your annual Well-Woman Visit, and how it can help you avoid becoming a victim of heart disease, the No. 1 killer of women. But how can you offer encouragement and a little nudge for your friends and family members to get their exam scheduled? Here are some helpful tips:

Wear your Red Dress pin. People will comment on your pin, and it makes a great springboard to explain your passion for women’s heart health, opens doors to tell your own story, and leads to the chance to encourage your friends to get their annual Well-Woman Visit.

Learn the GO RED acronym. When you tell people you’re part of Go Red For Women, they often ask you what it means to “Go Red.” Make it a point to learn our simple, easy-to-remember acronym that explains our mission in a nutshell:

G: Get your numbers. Know your blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.
O: Own your lifestyle. Exercise, eat right, and don’t smoke.
R: Raise your voice. Advocate for more women-related research.
E: Educate your family. Teach your kids to exercise and eat right.
D: Donate. Your time and financial donations help save lives.

The first letter (Get your numbers) is a big part of the Well-Woman Visit, so be sure to mention that when you explain the acronym. You can even mention our ambitious 10 year eHealth study where they can register their numbers into our confidential database to help monitor the condition and improvements of women’s health.

Let your friends know on social media. Mention that you’re getting your annual Well-Woman Visit and remind your social media followers to do the same. And be creative! You might take a selfie of you and your doctor during your visit. Maybe share a photo of a healthy meal that’s helping keep your cholesterol down. Use the hashtags #WellWomanVisit and #GoRed. Feel free to paste in links to healthy recipes, fun videos, and inspiring testimonials from grfw.org.

Invite friends to join you at Go Red For Women events. As friends see your passion and meet other women who feel strongly about fighting heart disease (which kills more women than all forms of cancer combined) they will be drawn to the movement and get on board for taking care of their heart health. Go Red For Women hosts luncheons, fashion shows, health fairs, and other social events that are fun and informative. You’ll probably have a higher response to your invitations if you also offer to pick them up on your way.

Spread the word at your church or other social groups. Ask permission if you can make an announcement at a church gathering, or maybe bring it up at your book club, cooking class, or wherever. Whenever your friends are gathered together makes a great place to encourage them to get their Well-Woman Visit.

Encourage your friends to encourage their friends. Whenever women get excited about fighting heart disease, we like to support the cause and spread the word. Encourage your friends to be unapologetic advocates for women’s health and the Well-Woman Visit – just like you are!