Adrienne Boutin’s Story

Heart Attack Survivor, Age 37, medford, OR

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Adrienne's Story

I  was 33 years old when I suffered my first heart attack and like most women I didn’t realize it at the time, I waited several days before going to see my doctor. After being admitted to the hospital the first cardiologist to see me didn’t think I had heart attack even though there is a family history stemming from my mother not only having several in her life time but dying at the age of 41 from a massive heart attack. I had an angiogram and the cardiologist who performed the procedure found a blockage and place two stents. I felt as if my world was crashing down around me and wasn’t sure what to expect,thanks to cardiac rehab and the support of those around me I made a full recovery. I thought the worst was over and my life would go on as it had before, I was wrong November of 2012 I began experiencing chest pain off and on my cardiologist decided after two visits to schedule another angiogram, this time while he was placing the stents part of the blockage broke off into another artery causing me to suffer a second heart attack which caused damage to the walls of my heart and tip. I am very fortunate that it happened during a procedure with my doctor there but it has changed my life. I now have 4 stents in my LAD, I went through a period of depression which has gotten better and I am dealing with the 5 stages of grief. I would like other women to know that heart disease can affect anyone it doesn’t care about age,race,or weight be cautious about chest pain even if you are not sure its a heart attack seek medical attention, and know your risk factors,family history and make the necessary lifestyle changes to live a healthy life.

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Adrienne is interested in giving and receiving support from other women with heart disease. Contact her if you'd like to give and receive support.


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