Aixa Luz Seguinot’s Story

Heart Attack Survivor, Age 51, New York, NY

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Aixa Luz's Story

On 12/23/2013 I awoke to feeling some chest pressure and shortness of breath.  I had been experiencing these symtpoms for quite some time and it included on a few occasions violent vomiting after eating.  As the morning wore on the pains became worse and decided to head to the hospital.  I was admitted and placed on heart monitor.  All kinds of test were performed.  They figured my symptoms had to do with my chronic illness, End Stage Renal Failure.  See I had decided to take a break from dialysis.  After having a nuclear stress test, they found nothing out of the unusual, but the chest pains persisted especially while being dialyzed.  They decided to do a catherization and found that I had narrowing of the right artery in the heart.  An angioplasty with stent placement was performed.  Felt fine afterwards. Have not experienced any pains.  Right before discharge I was informed that when I arrived at the hospital on the 23rd of December I was having a heart attack.   Now aside from having ESRD, I have been diagnosed with Heart Disease.  All this has been an eyeopener.  Time to reassess my diet, my exercise regimen (although limited), and life in its totality.

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