Anita Derenick’s Story

Signal Mountain, TN

Anita's Story

17 months ago I started a journey I never thought would lead me here. At that time it was determined I could no longer manage my High Blood pressure on my own. Then 9 Months ago after watching my Blood Cholesterol creep up my doctor determined that I needed medication for that. In October of 2010 I had a TIA, but because I chose to ignore the symptoms my doctor did not know until December what had happened to me. In December I was put through a stresst test and my heart is okay for now, the carotid ultra sound yielded blockages in both right and left arteries, and a cranial MRI did not “exclude any other events” After a Doctors appointment 2 weeks ago I was whining to a friend who is a healthcare professional that I was too young at 47 to be a heart patient. She said to me,”what part of High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol, all the tests you have been through and seeing your doctors nearly on a monthly basis makes you think your are not a heart patient?” Sadly I realized too late that many years ago this same friend had lost her mother to a massive heart attack at age 51. I beg anyone who has a family history of heart disease to start testing early, never smoke, if you must drink — drink moderately and always eat healthy and exercise.

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