Anna-marie Lockard’s Story

Cardiomyopathy Survivor, Age 65, Homer City, PA

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Anna-Marie's Story

Yoga teachers and vegetarians are not supposed to have heart attacks!  Yet, in November 2012, I was sitting in McDonalds with my wonderful husband when  a pain radiated up the side of my right breast and under my left breast.  My heart began to beat in a very erratic manner.  The pain was minimal, yet I sensed that something was not right with the way my heart was beating.  I shared this with my husband who drove me to the ER of a hospital five minutes away.  A cardiologist confirmed I was in heart failure!  A yoga teacher-vegetarian?  I was stunned and they life flighted me to a larger hospital 60 miles away for a heart catheritization which showed no blockages. My heart attack was one that targets women primarily:  Takosubo carido myopathy.  The good news was that if I rested for three months, there would be no heart damage and I could recover.  How fortunate I was.  I did recover fully and am back to eating healthy and teaching yoga two times per week.  My advice is this:  don’t ignore your body when it is trying to tell you something is wrong – even if the pain is minimal.  Seek medical help ASAP.  Had I not sought immediate help, I would have gone into heart failure.  I am thankful I listened to my body and my husband’s urging.  My journey to recover has been good and I learned to listen to my body.  I hope you will, too.

Anna-Marie Lockard, Ph.D.

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