Annette Mott’s Story

Cardiomyopathy Survivor, Age 39, Portola, CA

Gives and receives support


Annette's Story

In December 2012, I went into Congestive Heart Failure at 34 yrs old.  I progressively was getting worse until the day my husband Jim rushed me to the E.R. The doctor on duty ordered a x-ray to rule out any problems with my lungs, Although what they did find they did Not expect since I was only 34. They found 12 pounds of liquid surrounding my heart since the left side of my heart was enlarged.  They made sure I was stable and the next day they sent me to St. Helena, Ca. where they did a angiogram and seen that all of my arteries were blocked and my E.F.(ejection fraction) was at 13%, the day after the angiogram they did a 6 way bi-pass, My husband states that my surgery took all day until 7 pm.  The specialists were unable to get my heart to start, so they told my husband they would try for a hour until they would let me go.  By about 7:45 pm they came out to tell Jim that they were able to get my heart started.  Once I was stabilized I was on a balloon pump, and I was transferred to CPMC in S.F. to recover.

Give and Receive support from Annette

Annette is interested in giving and receiving support from other women with heart disease. Contact her if you'd like to give and receive support.


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