April Pierce’s Story

Heart Failure Survivor, Age 45, Conroe, TX

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April's Story

I was 37 years old and for the past couple years I was fatigued and felt sick.  I felt like butterflies in my heart.  Had it checked out, they said left bundle branch blockage.  They said don’t worry about it.  In December 2008, I kept passing out.  I had no pain nothing, just felt dizzy and passed out.  Went to the hospital and they said you just want pain pills, to which I said, I am passing out why would I want a pain pill??  Went home.  The very next day, I passed out again getting ready for work.  I remember trying to get up on my hands and knees and started vomiting.   Then the next thing I know my mom was there and my husband was freaking out.  The dogs we had barked to wake my husband up.  If they had not woke him up, I would have died.  I suffered a heart attack and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  There was no cause they could find, they said maybe I had an infection in the past that settled behind my heart or something, but my heart was basically just fluttering and quivering.  I was told my heart was working 15-20% of its capacity.  Now, I have a pacemaker, defibrillator combo and I have lost nearly 100 lbs.  I work out with my mom and get regular check ups.  No signs of heart problems, arteries clean and in good order, just the nerves that make your heart beat were not working on me.  Please, if you feel anything like butterflies or flip flops in your heart, please have it checked.  I would have died at 37 with 4 children.  I never would have seen my granddaughter born in 2010 and I have another grandchild on the way.

Give and Receive support from April

April is interested in giving and receiving support from other women with heart disease. Contact her if you'd like to give and receive support.


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