Armi Ann Manas’s Story

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Armi Ann' Story

Honestly this is the first time I’m writing something about my mom even though it has almost been 2 years since her passing. My mom, Aurora Manas, was an amazing women. She was beautiful, hardworking, giving, selfless, humble, spiritual, and wow, a brilliant cook! She took care of me and my dad as well as her family in the Philippines. She and I were always close especially since I’m the only child and only daughter. We would always accompany each other when we shopped whether it was for groceries or clothes. We fed on sales! She lived in the kitchen always making her delicious home cooking and fed everyone! She was a women who never thought of herself and always thought about others.

Dawn of December 10, 2008, she had passed in her sleep which was also 2 weeks shy of her 67th birthday on December 24. Back in 2006, we were first informed she had a heart condition. In 2007, she also had gotten a defibrillator. However, she continued to live her life normally and never wanted this to be anyone’s problem and therefore hardly talked about it. Diagnosed with congestive heart failure, of course she was getting weaker as time went by, but it never stopped her from socializing, traveling, and cooking! No one was prepared for the inevitable, but I think she knew that it was her time the night before she passed.

Like I said, it’s been almost 2 years and I’m still trying to cope with her being gone. I truly miss her and think about her all the time! I have a lot of her characteristics so she will continue to live on through me. My mom sacrificed a lot and so by writing this, this in some ways is to thank her for all she did. I know there will never be enough words to describe her, but I just wanted you all to know about her and keep her memory alive! I thank you for taking the time to read this..

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