Ashley Wrye’s Story


Ashley's Story

I worked at the American Heart Association for more than 6 years before the message I was preaching finally penetrated my own health. Six years of telling others to live a healthy life and make small choices to change their heart health before I finally got the message myself. Nearly two years ago, I was logged into the American Heart Association’s workplace wellness program. I saw what it was asking employees to do and thought “That doesn’t sound too bad. I can do that.” So on that day, I decided to start. Not to wait another day longer or until the next Monday. That day. I started walking in the mornings before work and wrote down my calories. I didn’t change what I are right away, but spent a week educating myself on the calorie content of what I was eating.It was enlightening, but not altogether surprising that I was eating WAY more calories than I knew. It took about a month for my co-workers to notice the change, but when they did, it was pretty noticeable.  6 months later, I was still walking, not once but twice a day, and even started jogging. What’s more, I had lost more than 60 lbs. I was back to my weight in high school for the first time in more than a decade.For the next year, I continued to walk/jog every morning, but relaxed on my evening journey and my eating. Soon I was back a few pounds more than I wanted to be. When I had to buy a bigger pants size, that was enough. I knew I didn’t want to go back to where I was at. Now I’m enrolled in a fitness boot camp, following a high lean protein and vegetable way of life and trying to get down to a healthy weight. Not my version of healthy, but what an actual doctor would describe as healthy. I chose Better U not only because I work for the American Heart Association, but because I truly want to be healthy.

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