Betty Luethje’s Story

Congenital Heart Disease Survivor, Age 84, Luverne, MN

Betty's Story

On March 15,2010, I went to ER with some strange feelings–I didn’t have the regular things that was a heart attack, they took my blood and came back soon and said I was in big trouble–an ambulance arrived and quickly transported me to the hospital 30 miles away and I was immediately in surgery for a severe blockage–they said I was lucky to make it through–I did have damage and so my life has slowed down a lot–I also have a legally blind husband and so I needed to be able to drive and do what needed to be done.  I was rehab for 9 weeks and since then, I have been at our cardio fitness center and pool, every week for 5 days each week–I also life weights 2 days a week–I was on a lot of meds, but this last year the meds started to attack my body and so I had to stop a lot of them. When my husband was losing his sight, in 2008, we build a twin home–so it was easier to function than the big 4 bedroom home we had–it also meant alot of work to downsize and I am so glad we did it then.  Yes, my life has changed but my faith has got me through so far.

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