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Bonnie Makinen’s Story

Age 37, CA

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Bonnie's Story

Hello….my name is Bonnie. Heart disease runs in my family.I am the youngest of 11 siblings. When I was on my mid 20′s, my doctor told me that I have hypertension and needed to be on medication. I couldn’t accept it because I was a little over 100 lbs., very young, and of course I was in denial. For 3 years, my doctor was constantly encouraging me and to the point of begging me to take the medicine because it will eventually damage my heart. Finally, I listened…but I think it was a little too late. In 2008, I was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Regurgitation (MVR) which I was told the progression can be very slow…probably 7 to 10 years before I can decide to have it fixed.Not 100% sure if the untreated hypertension contributed to this too.
In October 2010, my health went spiral down. I got very sick, my heart got enlarged and I was left with no choice but to have an open heart surgery in January 2011. I had my second chance at life at the age of 40. I’ve recovered really well…But how I wish it didn’t come to this.I wish I have listened to my doctor soon enough.

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Bonnie is interested in giving support to other women with heart disease. Contact her if you'd like to receive support.


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