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Colfax, IA


Brenda' Story

Let’s see where to start. In June of 2007 i had my first heart attack. The doctors were amazing and i received 3 stents that day, Then after dealing with losing everything we had in a flood of August 2010 was to much for me. August 28th i went to the hospital having chest pains. They went in to do another angiogram and this time i had a massive heart attack. They called it a widow maker heart attack. That is what they told my husband anyway. I don’t remember much of my month long stay at the hospital but i know it was tough on my husband and our 4 year old son. After learning to walk again and learning to use my mind again i was finally released. Boy i have to say i couldn’t have had a better husband. He was at the hospital every day plus my son is disabled and we have nursing for him that didn’t get covered so he had a lot on his plate too. Now i am really watching what i eat and really trying to take better care of myself. Heart disease runs in my family on my moms side. She had a heart attack and died and my sister who was only 28 had to have a bypass. And she didn’t even smoke or anything. All i know is i am very thankful to still be here with my husband and son thanks to my doctors and a lot of prayers my way.

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