Bridget Vendittelli’s Story



Bridget's Story

I was born with heart disease called Wolf Parkinson White syndrome.  It wasn’t diagnosed until two weeks after my birth. Basically my heart would beat out of control and reach crazy numbers like 280 beats per minute. My parents had to give me medicine four times a day and my dad would wake up at four in the morning to give me my medication. As I was growing up I was on and off the medicine and got to carry around a heart monitor, I don’t remember ever actually using it but I do remember my parents making a little pouch for me to carry it in. I also remember presenting it to the class like a token of glory, I was never ashamed of my heart disease, and never will be. I had surgery to try to fix my heart at nine. They made a small incision in my groin and traveled up into my heart to fix the problem. I remember my class giving me a candy bouquet and everyone in the class wrote a get well soon card. I was only in the hospital for a day and a half but it wasn’t a fun day and half. I’ve continued to have very few problems with my heart and am thank ful for the surgery and for my doctor without whom I probably wouldn’t be here.

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