Carolyn Wickes’s Story

High Blood Pressure Survivor, Age 51, Fort Edward, NY

Carolyn' Story

I was diagnosed with hypertension after my second child was born.  I also had an incidence of HF immediately following her birth.  All of this was attributed to my non-compliance with a low salt diet while pregnant.  I ACTUALLY was very compliant, but my doctors didn’t believe me.  When I was admitted to the CCU in HF they were SHOCKED!  So was I.

My child is 14 I am still living with hypertension but fortunately have had no further problems with HF.

I am a huge advocate for pushing the medical community to listen to the patient and not perpetuate their assumptions of what is going on.  ( It turns out this was related to chron’s disease, which was not being monitored at all while I was pregnant)

If you know something is wrong keep pushing, DON’T let anyone brush your concerns aside

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