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Cindy's Story

my name is Cindy Kennison and my profile picture is of my daughter Susan Saylor (Suzie). she died April 3rd 2014 of a cardiac arrest in association of her heart disorder known as Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome, Suzie was a very healthy young lady other than her wpw. she was very active, energetic, and loved life and she did live to the fullest. she exercised daily, ate the healthiest foods, she took really good care of herself because she knew she had this problem. she was an office manager at a trucking and tire company, she owned two business flair web design and hosting, and Susan Saylor photography that was her passion. she also loved to bake cakes and cupcakes for family and friends. she did all our wedding and birthday cakes/cupcakes. she loved to be creative and step out of the ordinary, step outside the box, make a statement pro-say. she was awesome at everything she did. the day Suzie died will forever haunt me. she had, had a normal day. she went to work at new Holland tire had lunch with her husband Adam, went home at the end of the day, Adam was already there working a car, they kissed hello and she went in to start their dinner once getting it started she came out to lat Adam know it wouldn’t be long before dinner would be done. Adam asked her to pump the brakes on the car he was working on and she did. they both went inside washed up sat down had dinner and they cleaned the kitchen and settled down for a little TV. Adam was in the recliner and Suzie on the couch. Suzie looked at Adam and said i feel a little light headed Adam looked over as she started to lean forward and she again i feel really light headed and just fell over and died. no pain, no warning, no nothing. Adam jumped to side and picked  her up but couldn’t get to respond to him he grabbed his cell and called 911.. but they lived out in the country so it took like 15/20 minutes before the  emts could get there Adam did all that the 911 operated told him to do but he could not save her. I miss her so much that at times i can’t even see was not a baby she was 30 years old, she had a husband who loved her with all his heart and soul. she has an older brother and  3 younger sisters, and 3 nieces and 2 nephews.she loved all her nieces and nephew very much. Suzie never had children because of her heart problem but they were talking about adopting soon. she loved children and wanted to be a mom but she never got the chance. Suzie was all about family and would do anything she could help. she always rescued animals and adopted a few strays. she loved to take of people and animals. she had a really big heart.

I along with suzie siblings and freinds want to pick up where suzie left off and do more for AHA and GO RED . we have always donated and /or did the walks with suzie. she was real big on the GO RED. we recently sold key chains for the macon heart walk this  september. we want to encourage everyone to get involve in any way you can.

thank you for letting me vent

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