Connie Takemura’s Story



Connie's Story

My name is Connie Takemura. I am 40 years old and have been diagnosed with hypertension and have found that I have a leaky valve to my heart. I have had a few scares in the past few years that has lead me to the ER room. MY blood pressure with medication is 158/97 on average and I am about 50 pounds over weight. I am engaged to a wonderful man who has a lovely little 6 year old son. They both make my life so happy and fulfilled.  I waited patiently for 40 years to meet Bryan, the man of my dreams. I would be so sad if I wasn’t around to enjoy our time together. I want so much to be healthier for myself as much as for my family. I feel so trapped and ashamed of who I have become on the outside… I feel as though I have been trapped inside this body that I don’t recognize anymore. I spend over a decade watching everything I ate and exercised all the time. I danced for a professional sport team for many of those years. Now, I work and have no energy most of the time. I was told by my Dad (who I work for) that our insurance coverage will be going up to over $600 a month for each of us because of my recent health issues. I know now, that it is time for me to gather my strength,  eat healthy and MOVE. I want to be healthy, live long and most of all enjoy my life.

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