Dawn Packard’s Story

Stroke Survivor, Age 55, Antigo, WI

Gives and receives support


Dawn's Story

My mom has always suffered from high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol ..plus she was a smoker and never got any exercise! I remember telling her she was a stroke just waiting to happen….well it did. She had her stroke July 2011 and from there developed Atrial Fib, Coronary Cath needing to be done, she flunked her stress test and now diabetes…I moved in with her to help take care of her. The only stroke related problem is her mind…my mom that I have known all my life was gone the day after the stroke took her…she is also so disabled from arthritis and degenerative back disease that now she can’t move around hardly at all to stay in a somewhat healthy lifestyle…She is now 73 and her health has gone down hill more and more over the last 3 years…I wish I could have convinced her to start a healthy lifestyle regimen way back when but that is her choice…I just want to help promote the preventative side of heart disease to anyone I can…it is so important and I guess nobody ever thinks it will happen to them. But it can.

Give and Receive support from Dawn

Dawn is interested in giving and receiving support from other women with heart disease. Contact her if you'd like to give and receive support.


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