Debbie Johnson’s Story

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Debbie's Story

in my twenties they called it tension and fatigue.
in my thirties it was normal for a pregnant woman to have a heart murmur.

at forty they finally listened to me, to my symptoms, they did tests and found that if they had found it in my twenties I wouldn’t had to have open heart surgery. But now I needed a three way bypass and an aortic valve replaced or I would die in a few months.

Five years almost to the day I was again told I needed open heart surgery to replace the mitral valve and repair the triqusped valve. I almost didn’ t make it through that surgery, but I had a really good doctor that was determined not to let me give up.
Now I am fifty and I have added five stents to my list, but i’m alive.
They say learn and live, don’t be like me and live and learn. Tell your doctor how you feel listen to your own body and you may just beat heart disease before it starts.
I hope someone any one reads my story and saves their life before it’s too late.

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