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Debbie Turner’s Story

Heart Failure Survivor, Age 61, FORNEY, TX

Gives and receives support


Debbie's Story

I am here to Tell You Heart Disease is no Walk in the Park.But I have survived  4 heart attacks, open heart surgery I had in the year 2000 ,I was only 45 and I had my bypass On February 8th  5 Vessels, March 8th I turned 46, And I am still alive, .A few years later 5 stents and 3 Angioplasty but only 2 opened. I was told I would not survive  But I am still alive. I’ve lived with Heart Disease for 14 years Now,I quit Smoking 6 years ago It was the Best thing I could do for myself. I have battled Congestive heart failure and I am still battling it. I have gotten COPD because I smoked.I Have Diabetes but lost enough weight I no longer take medication But I still Check my sugar. And about 7 months a go I was told I have stage 4 kidney Disease. But I am still alive !!! I have gotten Disability. I don’t drive any more I was told I could drop dead at any moment and lost my ability to drive.That is my story!

Give and Receive support from Debbie

Debbie is interested in giving and receiving support from other women with heart disease. Contact her if you'd like to give and receive support.


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