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Debi Koshik’s Story

Age 47, Chula Vista, CA

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Debi's Story

I had congestive heart failure almost 2 years ago maby a little heart was clogged with Cholesterol yes i only wieghed 110 lbs! since then i have found a good doctor and the right combo of foods and meds yet altho I eat healthy i am still loosing weight.I know it is the diet I have to be on but jeeze. most women would kill to be my size and i just wanna wear mediums or smalls for once.I am petite.since my sis sent me the original red dress pin I have joined you, got hand outs and hand them to who ever woman will read it or them.attaching the pin is the attention getter. my doctor even noticed it and made an excalimation on it! I wear it every day to remind me and my roomates it can happen again and can happen to ANY one female or MALE!!!!now after listening look at me I am 54 years old and gonna live to 90 at least!enlarged heart and all. when the doc (mexican) said i have a big heart i laughed cuz i thought he was just saying what everyone else was not funny but I am living proof we can OVER COME!!!!

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Debi is interested in giving support to other women with heart disease. Contact her if you'd like to receive support.


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