Denise Feltnor’s Story


Denise's Story

I had just turned 54 on March 19th. when I went to work on the 24th I reached for something out of my car and my upper back started hurting. I told my co-worker I just didn’t feel good and if I didn’t feel better by 9:00 am, I was going to the doctor. I got worse, so I drove myself, thinking it was a pulled muscle, till the doctor did an EKG and found an unusual heart rythm. He then said, “You are going to the hospital”, and I was transported to one here in Tulsa. I had my husband meet me there. I was admitted and later on that evening admitted and my tests were shone to a cardiologist of the new Hilcrest Heart Center and he had staff start giving me bunches of meds. all this time, just my back hurt and my chest burned. then very quickly, I was transferred to that new hospital and they did a test to where they found 50% blockage. but they took real good care of me and I came home Thursday the 26th with a whole bunch of new meds to start taking. the shock is just now hitting that I did have a small heart attack but I thank God that I had the sense to go to the doctor when I did.Denise

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