Diana Wilt’s Story

Harpers Ferry, WV

Diana's Story

Valentines Day 2003, I was 42, that morning my son got married it was very nice. We all went out to lunch and I had to go home to get ready for work. I worked as a Food and Beverage Manager at a Simi Private golf course. We were having a couples Valentines Day seven course dinner. So I was running hard all night getting drinks etc. and I started to hyperventilate very bad. Could not stop.. 45 minutes to hour an half still couldn’t stop. So we called 911. Luckily a Doctor was at the dinner he was summoned to come to me took one look and said she is having a heart attack. and the rescue was there. I was taken to an annex hospital to be medivaced out but due to the snow sleet etc I couldn’t be so I had to ride on ground sliding around for an hour. That day here we ended up with 32 inches plus of snow. Needless to say my son and his new wife spent their honeymoon at the hospital with my husband and daughter. I had no indication of a heart attack nor did i have heat disease in the family. So to let everyone know and I have told everyone I know and continue to tell everyone PLEASE get checked change lifestyle Heart Smart. I even changed the menu at work and added a HEART SMART section. Now almost 50 my Doc says I’m good.

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