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Gabrielle's Story

It’s pretty simple, or not. This September, 2009, it will be the 10-year anniversary of my father’s death. My father (73 when he died) was 50 years older than me, and as a young woman, back in 2003, I had realized I was walking down my father’s path. His heart had pretty much always been in bad shape. I will say, though, that although he ate “crap” most of the time (ex: bags of potato chips, tons of tootsie rolls, and his favorite to order out when we dined Italian: chicken parmesan…but he always requested french fries instead of pasta!!!), he did exercise most days of the week. For that, the doctors had told us during his final days, that the exercise added years to his life. The bottom line is that heart disease was the ultimate cause of his death. Personally, I was overweight and very unhealthy. This May, next month, it will be 5 years that I’ve maintained my 30-pound weight loss. I feel great and look awesome and work hard to carry on this success. I lost it through Weight Watchers and even work for them on a part time basis. I love how I have changed and want people to know that it is never too late to get started on working on their heart health. Also, remember, it’s all about balance. Try to keep active and manage to somehow fit those edible things in your life that you enjoy most and savor them!

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