Georgia Burgess’s Story

Baltimore, MD 21215, MD

Georgia' Story

On May 2, 2010 around 11:30 pm I starting coughing and choking, I could not catch my breath. I passed out, when I woke up I was on live support. I ran out of my medication on May 1st. My doctor refuse to override the insurance policy until Monday. Therefore, the medicine I needed to keep the fluid off of lungs was not provided. I ended up getting a Pacemaker and ICD Implant.
I had to struggle with this devise by myself, because there are no support groups in Baltimore, MD or surrounding counties.It’s very scary not knowing what to suspect when you go home for recovery.I would love assisting others with this device as well as good eating habits. Today it has been three months, I feel great. I am here if you need support.

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