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Other Survivor, Age 57, wake forest, NC

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Jean's Story

I am 55 years old.  I feel great but then again I’ve not been feeling myself of late and that led me to at last go see the doctor. Dizzy, chest pain, tired and foggy were all new to me.  MRI on my head was clean.  Blood work all good as the numbers are all low and my pulse is 75 over 55.  I work out every day and walk 12 miles every weekend.  I’ve never smoked. Then I took the stress test and indications are there is blockage.  Nuclear is in two weeks.  All four grandparents, parents and two younger siblings have all had heart issues.  I am glad my new family doctor took a look at the total picture and sent me to a great cardiologist.  It would be easy to dismiss but the journy begins now.

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