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Helena, AL

Jennifer' Story

All I can think about today is that life is made up of choices. The outcome of almost everything we do is based upon some choice we made. Of course things happen to us that are out of our control but we all know what I am talking about in this particular forum. We make the choice to put in our body what we do. It is not wrong to have and enjoy food, I think this is were most people get frustrated when they try to change their diet. Yes, you absolutely have to watch what you eat, you can not sit and eat a dozen cookies at one time. Sometimes we need to begin to find out what makes us do this before we can even begin to let it go. I have never really done any kind of working out or dieting but now that I am in my 30’s I feel my pants getting tighter. In my physical this year my physician told me to gain control of my diet and exercise now so that I do not develop a problem later in life. Anyway, I have said many times “Okay, this is it, no more sugar.” When what I should be doing is making a positive change each time I reach for something and say to myself “Okay self, are you just bored or do you really want to eat those 12 cookies?” The answer will always be that no I do not really want to eat those 12 cookies. So, if you stop each time you are about to put something in your mouth and question the motivation you will probably make positive changes. Each step we take leads to another, and another, and another. Pretty soon we will be like a train that can’t be stopped. We will be exercising daily, we will crave it. We will be eating healthier, we will not crave those old ways. It can happen but it takes hard work and dedication. Are we ready?

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