Joanne Bunnell’s Story


Joanne's Story

My parents were one of the original 20 couples who participated in the Framingham Heart Study. Both of myparents are now deceased and my Dad lived to be 97 years old with only 1/3 of his heart without any bypass surgeries. He had a heart attack back in 1978 and survived all those years after. He will be deceased a year on 5/30/09. He lived a very healthy life and the heart study helped us all understand what a strong passionate need we should have for such a frailty; and established a passion within us to keep the study alive. I have other friends whose parents joined well after the original years. There are many of us who continue to allow the study to use us for thier research. Honestly it is a great feeling.Myself and my brother are also participants as second generation and my daughter will soon be a third generation participant. I am just proud of my parents when I think of how dedicated they were to t

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