Judy Babcock’s Story

Congenital Heart Disease Survivor, Age 80, Orlando , FL

Judy's Story

I watched as my parents succumbed to congestive heart failure several years ago. They were “old school” and had consumed many foods that surely were detrimental to their having healthy hearts, Dad had already had a stroke, and then suffered a hospitalization because of contracting a flu virus in his later years and while there, developed a staph infection which, because of a weakened heart, robbed him of two of his heart valves. Post valve replacement surgery (thanks to two porcine valves) his life was spared and he went on to live several more productive years. Mom, knowing that there was heart disease in her family, did not watch what she consumed, and, although quite active, finally left this earth with CHF. Each of these stories might have been different if they had chosen to eat more heart-healthy foods. Their stories have made me aware of what I can do to help my heart do its job well. Although I do have PVC’s, I am healthy, active and alert. I’ve been a volunteer for the American Heart Association for many years now. Have a happy and healthy heart for a long as you live!!!

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