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Karen's Story

Heart disease runs rampant on my father’s side, my mother’s side not as much except high blood pressure.My father died in his 50’s due to a heart attack, my grandfather died in his recliner of one also, both massive myocardial infractions.  I was with an ex boyfriends father as he died of one in 1989. It was the most horrific death I’ve ever seen. I used to do Hospice care as an aide and I’ve been around my share of death. I do not want to have a heart attack.I knew I was already at risk because of genetics. My doctor, at my last physical recently listened to my concerns and ordered the standard blood work panel but this time ordered the CRP, cardiac reactive protein. If you have a crp number = or greater than 3.0 there is a greater than 25% risk for heart disease, my number is 7.41; over double than the greatest risk. Did I mention I’m only 39? I already have an arrhythmia  Supraventricular tachycardia or SVT that I take atenolol for, that also lowers my blood pressure as it controls my pulse, my blood pressure is good, I believe ONLY because of the beta blocker, if I went off of it, I’m so sure it would be high, I haven’t tried it. So I have two issues to deal with.I came to Go Red for Women to get myself on a path to better health. I want to be around for my children and my 10 month old grand daughter and all the new additions in the future. I am a bit overwhelmed by the news and the lifestyle change I have to undertake, but I can do it, I will; my life depends on it.

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